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Ad Revenue

We handle your custom monetization needs, so you can focus on creating quality content and growing your business.

Trust and Data

As a Google MCM Partner, we prioritize user-oriented ad display and maintain transparency to protect your data and reputation.


24/7 access to your dedicated account manager ensures fast problem detection & solution for your business.

User Friendly Dashboard

Easily track ad performance, gain actionable insights, and access revenue data for each ad unit. Achieve better results & revenue.

Ad Models

Video ads

Increase engagement and revenue with our sticky player. As users scroll, your ad stays in view, making it more visible and effective. Our video ads offer publishers the opportunity to earn more revenue from their content.

Sticky ads

Want more visibility and engagement? Choose sticky ads! They're less disruptive to the user experience and can be targeted to specific audiences. Our sticky ads provide the right balance between being eye-catching and unobtrusive.

Display banners

Capture users' attention with our eye-catching display banner ads. We offer a range of sizes and designs that can be customized to suit your branding needs. Our technology ensures that your ads are displayed in the right context, maximizing your ROI.

Interstitial ads

Deliver your message in an immersive way with our full-screen interstitial ads. These ads appear between content pages, providing users with an engaging experience. With our targeting capabilities, you can show your ads to the right audience, increasing the chances of conversion and boosting brand awareness.
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Since partnering with Empower, our ad revenue has gone way up! They know their stuff and are always giving us great advice on how to make more money from our ads.
- Ozgur S., Publisher
Working with this adtech company has been a game changer for us. They've helped us optimize our ad placements and we're seeing a big increase in revenue as a result.
- Emmy B., Website Manager

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