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Empower Studio allows publishers to produce tailor-made customized videos.
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We analyze your content and find creative video ideas

We use any type of content from your website to create engaging videos: images, video footage, text, data


Our team produces tailor-made video templates for your content

We create personalized video ideas uniquely for you. Then, your videos are generated and served with no effort in the desired time periods.

Word of the Day

We created customized "word of the day" videos for "" on a daily basis.

Techlix - Tech News

We created custom-designed Tech review videos for Techlix

Daily News Curation

For the premium news website enews, we produced "Daily news headlines" videos, so the news briefing was ready, every morning

Top-Notch Player & CDN
All Free!

  • Easy Integration
  • Customizable design
  • High performance
  • Latest IAB standards
  • Continuous video experience
  • No geographical limits

Custom theme and branding options

You can change player theme easily by modifying predefined CSS* classes or you can use the “theme” attribute in optional parameters, to just set hexadecimal color codes. You can easily further personalize your player by using the control-bar logo and watermark options.

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