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HTML5 Player Optimized for Your
Content and Monetization

High Performance

Incredibly small size and super fast video load times, Empower Player comes with a incredibly small size (139KB) covering a wide range of functionality and modules listed here.

Cross platform support

Empower player supports all modern browsers, automatically detects device type and settings and adapts for the best performance.

Adaptive* streaming

Empower Player provides a seamless video experience for a very wide range of user connection and device setups for both VOD* and live streaming broadcasts with its HLS* based adaptive streaming capability.

Live Streaming

Broadcast live video easily on every device. DVR* window function, enables users to rewind the video to any moment during the live event. With our live analytics dashboard, you can monitor real-time stats during the broadcast, and after the event, engagement report will be available

Language support for Player UI

Empower Player supports seven languages Turkish, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic for UI, that can easily be set in optional parameters with ISO 639-1 (http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php) two letter language codes.

Subtitle Support

Empower Player supports the rendering of closed captions / subtitles in WebVTT format*.

Multiple audio support

Empower Player supports multiple audio tracks for HLS streaming. With this functionality user can choose from preset language options included in the video media file

Custom theme and branding options

You can change player theme easily by modifying predefined CSS* classes or you can use “theme” attribute in optional parameters, to just set hexadecimal color codes. You can easily further personalize your player by using control-bar logo and watermark options.

Recommended Videos

Add limitless number of recommended video thumbnails to the end of your video to achieve user engagement.

Seekbar Preview

Individual scenes from the video allows for quick preview and navigating of content when users hovers the seekbar.


Empower Player’s poll module allows you to retrieve user profile data and helps to improve ad targeting.

Analytics Integration

Including your Google Analytics, Comscore or Gemius account identifiers in the player input list is enough to switch on your integration with these analytics vendors.

Cutting edge support for IAB video advertising standards

Empower Player provides an up-to-date support for IAB standards including VPAID 2.0 and VAST 4.1 that enable publishers to publish interactive video ads with most recent formats and to work with advanced viewability measurement techniques.

Custom Ad Display Settings

Nokta Player offers various parameters for each ad item data (i.e. overlayed skip button, ad start timeout, etc…) to optimize both user experience and monetization.