With our top-notch player technology, global agency network connections and valuable partnerships with DSPs, Empower is the leading and the fastest growing tech-media company in the EMEA region.

01. All about keeping the pace!

As a leading Internet media and ad-tech company, we keep our video player and advertising technologies cutting-edge while we aim to innovate beyond the market needs.

02. Master the “Game Changer” Programmatic Monetization

With the advantage of our high-end technology and strong agency communication, we have found a chance to focus on the “game-changer” programmatic monetization and developed a wide know-how through our hard work in the past 5 years. We have taken part in several market first programmatic integrations in EMEA region.

03. Evangelize Technology and Monetization

With our top-notch video player technology, extensive know-how on programmatic monetization, global agency network connections and valuable partnerships with DSPs, we have entitled to Google’s Scaled Partner Management (SPM) Program which helps small publishers to monetize their inventory by the use of the accounts of larger Ad Exchange publishers like Empower.

04. Solid Success with SPM

We have provided revenue growth to numerous 3rd party publishers with our technology and programmatic konw-how through Google SPM program in our market. As of 2018, we are proudly working with more than 20 publishers and helped them lift their revenues by 37% on average.

05. Explore Global Scale with You!

Being a part of Google SPM not only help us grow our represented inventory but also help child publishers, like you, to benefit from Empower’s programmatic know-how and team of experts. Our remarkable success and broad experience as an SPM motivates us to enhance our network globally and include more child publishers to Empower family.